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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Buy Cheap Smartphones In The Philippines!

Many of you are wondering "where can I buy the cheapest original brand new iphone/android etc. in the Philippines?", well look no further!here are the top 2 sellers (in my opinion) where you can buy the BEST deals to get your smart phone!

*Thanks Google images!*

So here is my list of best sellers of smartphones! First up:

For techies, you probably heard of this store before, they sell top of the line gadgets with almost 50% off of some items compared to other stores here in the Philippines, they offer a good quality gadgets complete with warranty, the only downside for others is that they don't have a physical store, but they have an office in Divisoria, check out their website and Facebook page for more information! personally I haven't bought yet from their store but a lot of my friends did and yes they are legit and they sell high quality, original, branded gadgets ranging from Experia's to Samsungs and Iphones!and offer them for very cheap prices. if you're worrying if they are legit, well yes! They are legit and trusted so do check them out!

This one is another great source of cheap original gadgets, sadly they don't have a website of their own, they just sell their products through formerly known as, so anyways Hot Gadgets DO have a physical store along Ortigas,EDSA and Makati! in Ortigas their store is just beside Robinsons Galleria, inside Startek (1st floor), I personally went to their store and all I could say is it's not that.. wide?they just own a small store BUT!it's packed with customers but they are attend to customers very well despite of the fact that they are still serving other customers , I'm planning to buy a Samsung Note 3 neo there and guess how much does it cost?compared to other store which costs  23,000-26,000Php, in Hot Gadgets their price is just 17,480Php!!!! And the Note 3 only costs 24,280Php which compare to other store which costs 40,000+Php, see how much can you save?so do check them out!

*NOTE: Both stores DO SHIP NATIONWIDE! so if you live outside Metro Manila you can still buy from them, ofcourse with a shipping fee but that's just a few peso to add to have a great deal

Also their items are brand new and not used, they give their items with their boxes and ofcourse sealed so you can buy from them worry free! and both stores do have great reviews to prove that they are trusted, you can do a little research about them if you don't feel convinced yet!

Please follow me and share if you find this useful!Happy shopping and Godbless people !^_^